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Air conditioning information
What we offer



Most modern vehicles these days come with air conditioning as standard. Many car users see the benefit of air conditioning especially on a hot day and also demisting windows during the winter months. At St Mary's Garage we can provide a full car air conditioning service and repairs.

Car manufacturers recommend that your air conditioning system is serviced every 2 years to ensure it works efficiently and we will visually check your air conditioning system at every annual vehicle service.

What our service includes

- Both R134a and R1234yf available
- Vacuum Check
- Purge System
- Injects compressor oil
- Refridgerant

Starting from £61+ VAT

Car air conditioning service

Our computer controlled air conditioning service facility uses an internal database to determine the quantity of compressor oil and refrigerant that your vehicle should have for optimum efficiency and operation.


It then purges the system, and removes the contents before putting it through a 30 minute vacuum check to ensure the integrity of the entire system. Once satisfied that there are no detectable leaks it will replenish the compressor oil and refrigerant to the correct quantities, determined accurately by weight of the additives, and also inject a measured quantity of a coloured dye which helps with leak detection should this occur at any future date.


If at any stage the machine detects a problem or a fault, it will suspend the process and provide a printed detailed report. At St Mary's Garage we are also able to carry out any car air conditioning repair needed.

For more information or to make a booking please call us on 01379 676204.

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