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Some modern vehicles have as many as 10 on board computers covering features such as engine management, transmission management, ABS, SRS and various other functions. 

Dashboard warning lights are often a sign that your vehicle needs a car diagnostic check. If you see dashboard warning lights, or any other vehicle warning lights, this means that the car’s computer system has picked up a fault from one of its various sensors. 

There can be hundreds of reasons why a warning light may come on. At St Mary’s Garage we have the latest diagnostic equipment, so we can offer a full car diagnostic service - quickly and easily determining the issue and solving the problem.  We are also able to diagnose electrical problems for a wide range of vehicles. 

We constantly update our software and keep up to date with any changes or advances. This allows us to diagnose faults on a wide range of electronic systems, including ABS, traction control, air bags and electrical on-board systems.

A car diagnostic check with St Mary’s Garage can be a fraction of the cost of a visit to a main dealer and you also get our friendly and efficient service too.  

If your vehicle's warning lights come on, call us on 01379 676204. 


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